Saul, Saul, Why Are You Persecuting Me?

God's plan for our life:John 10:10(NIV)

Our Problem:We do not know God's Plan nor follow God's plan because of our pride.

C.S.Lewis quotes on pride.

Adam and Eve Genesis 3:4-5

Saul a pharisee: Philippians 3:4-6

Encounter with the Lord is the solution for pride; Blessings in disguise

Saul's blindness

John Stumbo's 18 months trial

Jeremy's suffering

Even better is everyday surrendering to the Lord or Listening to the small whisper of the Holy Spirit!


Jesus in Philippians 1, Paul and his disciples in the chapter 2

How about us? Joseph, Irma, Judy, Linda and You

Being humble in everyday life requires self forgetfulness.

Harvest Time-the Acts of the Holy Spirit- Romans 14:13,17-19

C.S.Lewis quote on living humbly

Conclusion and Application (Obedience)