The Resurrection Of Jesus and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Value of Acts of the Apostles:

  1. Luke writes with a pastoral concern.
  2. Luke makes it clear that the essential task of the church is mission.
  3. Luke demonstrates that there can be no racial discrimination within the church.
  4. Luke stresses the place of the Spirit in guiding and empowering the church for its mission.
  5. Luke believes the ultimate triumph of the gospel( a theologia gloriae) only through suffering and martyrdom( a theologia crucis).

v.1 Pentecost(the Feast of Weeks)

v.2-3 Two outward symbols- Wind and fire

v.4 the inward, invisible reality= the Holy Spirit

Filling=an experience=baptizing(1:5;11:16), pouring out(2:17;10:45), receiving(10:47)

a fresh filling for a specific task, a continuous filling(13:52) (Eph,5:18), the state of being full(6:3,5; 7:55; 11:24; Luke 4:1)

v.12-13 a led-in to Peter's speech

v.17 In the last days- Peter regards Joel's prophecy as applying to the last days and claims that his hearers are now living in the last days.

v.17 the first theme of the last days v.19 the second theme v.20 the third theme v.21 Joel's prophesy of locust plague- repentance- judgment averted-a great harvest come!

v.22 a miracle worker ? or a sorcerer?

v.23 divine paradox

v.24 The key fact! Loosing ( to bring to an end) the pangs(LXX) or cord,bond? hbl

“death is regarded as being in labor and unable to hold back its child, the Messiah”

v.25 God is my right hand man!

v.30 Ps.132:11 cf. Sam 7:12-16

v.32 The resurrection is to be understood as the exaltation of Jesus(Ps 110:1; Ps 16:1)

v.33 The two gifts of Pentecost

Conclusion/ Application