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The Departure of Jesus and the Coming of the Spirit of Truth


John 14:12(NIV) How is it possible?

John 14:13

John 14:14

John 14:15 Two links,It is repeated in v.21,23, why is it important?

My commandments...John 13:34-35

John 14:16 Another Counsellor?

Who is He? John 14:17

Why the world cannot receive Him?

The Spirit is to be experienced.

How about You Jesus? John 14:18

Which coming is in view? Jesus' resurrection? the gift of the Spirit? the Parousia?

John 14:19-20

Confirmation of verses 19-20 is John 16:16-30(NIV)

John 14:21 The initiative in the relationship between Jesus and his followers lies with 

The ground work for the oneness between Jesus and His disciples is between Jesus and 

John 14:22-24